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Hi my name is Brad. I am currently going for my Master's Degree at The New School of Media Studies in New York City. I have been creative since I was little. I began by writing my own variations of "Goosebumps" books at age six. I went to a few acting schools growing up (I was never the athletic type, per se...). I went to a performing arts camp where I acted in plays and got to direct a few of my own horror movies. From when I was fourteen to about senior year of high school, a few friends and I had a little self-made film company called "Armaged Chimp Films". We wrote, acted in and directed our own films and held little film festivals in each other's basements for our friends. I am also a musician! From sixth grade to around the first year of college, my best friend and I had a ska punk band. We went from just the two of us on guitar and bass playing stupid little punk songs in my driveway to playing Vans Warped Tour in the summer of 2009 and recording a full length album produced and mastered in Harlem, New York. Recently, I wrote a screenplay about an epidemic going on in my hometown and it got picked up and bought by a famous movie star, so I'd say things are looking promising for this, here New Jersey punk kid! I specialize in social media and media literacy. I am very good with computers and data entry. I have AMAZING people skills (perks of being a waiter) and astounding work ethic (a thirteen hour shift is a short shift to me). Please consider me!


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