Video Games

The blue shells and the bob-ombs of Gamescom 2017

Gamescom is, to all intents and purposes, very much the sexier, more refined European cousin to E3’s bold, brash American convention. If E3 is a Michael Bay movie (all big bucks, explosions and exposition), then Gamescom, which wrapped up this week...



Creative Opinions: James Damore's Google Memo

Last week, there was a great deal of smoke being blown surrounding the memo released by Google employee James Damore, which inferred that women were biologically inferior to their male counterparts when it came to computer science and coding. These...



That Google Memo: The sacking, the fallout and everything else

Last weekend, an internal memo from a Google software engineer with an incendiary title and even more incendiary content, went viral. Yesterday, it was confirmed that the employee who birthed the memo had been fired. The real question on everyone's...



The first ‘literal’ Game of Thrones marathon

There are a lot of things Game of Thrones fans would do in order to be the first to see the latest episode. Indeed, the sheer amount of people who jumped on the recently released leak is a testament to that fact. But how many people would run a...



Sadiq Khan throws full force behind Camden Highline

It might come across to many urbanites as sacrilege, but one of the primary reasons I could never see myself leaving my country bumpkin lifestyle behind and settling down in a major city is the lack of greenery. There are few simple pleasures in life...