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I enjoy creating exciting illustration, illustration that excites people. I'm excited by places, and colour (colourful places get twice the excitement). I take a clean, fresh, graphic view on the world, adding pop, fuelling emotions and bringing smiles.

I am a highly experienced illustrator, renowned for a positive, creative outlook and a solid understanding of commercial design, the visual arts and successful business. I love it. I relish diversity and welcome all opportunities; large or small, print or digital, editorial, advertising, publishing, interiors, fashion, surface patterns, murals and any other world beyond.


Colour, Creative Direction, Digital Art, Illustration

Sector Experience

Advertising, editorial, Publishing

3rd ranked Illustrator
Annual 2018 SilverNYCDOT : Earth DayIllustration Annual 2017 WinnerBookblock EditionsIllustration
Top 25 Illustrator Project featured:Box Pensions
on 21st February 2017
Project featured:Bookblock Editions
on 28th February 2017
Project featured:Melbourne Cafe Culture
on 8th May 2017
Project featured:NYCDOT : Earth Day
on 9th May 2017
Project featured:#TurnUp
on 31st May 2017
Project featured:The Guardian
on 28th June 2017
Project featured:UNUM animated city
on 10th July 2017
Project featured:The Little Things
on 21st July 2017
Project featured:The Guardian Journal
on 28th September 2017
Project featured:Endless Summer
on 10th October 2017
Project featured:Copenhagen
on 12th October 2017
Project featured:Mapology Guides
on 16th November 2017
Project featured:2018 Animals Calendar
on 17th November 2017
Project featured:Draw Blue Planet 2
on 15th December 2017
Project featured:Cardiology Magazine Cover
on 29th January 2018
Project featured:Couch Magazine
on 14th March 2018
Project featured:Cacti Club Art Prints
on 5th April 2018
Project featured:Granola For Gangsters
on 1st May 2018
Project featured:Digital Arts
on 29th May 2018
Project featured:Festifeel at The House Of Vans
on 7th June 2018
Project featured:Thoughtful
on 29th June 2018
Project featured:PEOPLE WHO TRAVEL
on 4th July 2018
Project featured:Effective Services
on 5th October 2018
Project featured:London Marathon
on 21st January 2019
Project featured:Foodism Magazine
on 1st March 2019
Project featured:Illustrator's Survey 2018/2019
on 21st March 2019
Project featured:Ben Travels : Australia
on 30th April 2019
Project featured:Global Galleries
on 15th August 2019
Project featured:Drip For Drip
on 25th October 2019
Project featured:The Guardian Long Read
on 19th March 2020
Project featured:Cover Versions
on 28th May 2020
Project featured:Jade Bird X Microsoft
on 20th July 2020
Project featured:Tim's Twitter Listening Party
on 23rd July 2020
Project featured:Parlourwood
on 24th July 2020
Project featured:Ben Travels : Isle of Wight
on 9th September 2020

Ben The Illustrator has been a Contributor since 12th April 2017.

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