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I completed studying a Computer Game Technology Degree at university in 2012. Since then I have been keeping up with coding in my spare time while applying and doing other jobs that are loosely linked to what I want to being doing as a career. At JustAccounts I was a front end developer who made sure the product that dealt with expense claims and other tax related claims for umbrella companies was usable and clear to understand. At Prescott graphics I designed and manufactured Signage for Vans, shops and banners. This was all using the latest Photoshop and Illustrator software. I then started my own company which was going to make gaming applications for mobile devices, the process I chose to take involved using Xarmarin a software that allowed me to program in c# and deploy onto iOS and Android devices. Altho this was not a success I did develop the skills to meet deadlines and priorities task in order of importance. I then returned to Prescott Graphic for 2 months to do some part time voluntary work once again working on the design side of things. I consider myself to be an outgoing, individual person who is focused, dedicated and committed to whatever task has to be performed. I am responsible, reliable and enthusiastic ensuring that whatever role is given to me I will always carry out with the highest standard. Personally, I believe I work well in a team and can adapt to changing circumstances, however I also work well on my own.

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