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As an aspiring filmmaker/creative with job experience in video editing and a hobby for filmmaking/screenwriting in general, I am confident that I have the skills and passion necessary to excel in this role.
In my previous position as a Video Editor for Tropical Sky, I was responsible for creating short videos for various social media platforms, this included sourcing, researching, and editing video project with minimal supervision from above. This experience allowed me to hone my video editing, mixing, and compositing skills.
In my free time, I enjoy creating screenplays and short films. I am passionate about the film/media industry and have spent a lot of time studying and learning from the best in the field. My dedication to improving my craft has resulted in several of my screenplays winning positions in smaller festivals. I am inspired by the creativity and innovation that I see at film festivals, and I strive to bring that same level of passion and excitement to my work.
My passion for the medium itself has no end, film and filmmaking is pretty much all I've though about since I was no older than 10, If you can consider watching films research, than I probably have 1000's of hours of studying under my belt. Ultimately this passion for filmmaking has extended itself over the entire media landscape. I don't want to just be a part of the media landscape I want to push it forward. I think online content and other vital mediums such as VR or gaming can be at the forefront of the art-world just as movies or music.

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