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My name is Aurora and I am an English Teacher from Angola. Well, actually, while I was born in Angola, I spent literally all of my life in South Africa until very recently. I am a legal permanent resident of South Africa since 2005.

So my English accent is South African and I also speak Portuguese, and some basic Spanish - which makes me a great option for you if you speak any of the Latin Languages and are just beginning your journey of learning English.

I love to read, and I am very creative and imaginative so I also enjoy writing. Some of my interests include listening to music, watching movies and TV series, watching or playing basketball and traveling. And, that means I also love meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

I understand that learning how to communicate in English can be a little bit challenging and so I want to help you to feel comfortable with, not only the basic ways that we can use the language, but also the more common and complex phrases that you will hear from day to day in the English-speaking world.

I love to help my students with all aspects of language learning, so if your focus is reading, pronunciation and comprehension - I am well prepared to assist you. If your focus is learning English for academic or business purposes, I am happy to help you to fine tune your language skills to these objectives as well. If my students want to spend more time in conversation, I'd love to chat!

My lessons will be tailored to each individual student, their preferred learning style and their language skill level. I have a fun, friendly and relaxing teaching style.

While we are having fun, I will be paying close attention to how well the student can read and recognise words or phrases, any challenges they may be having with pronunciation and how well they understand the discussion materials in each and every class.

I like to start each lesson with new or revised vocabulary, followed by some reading and then I like us to relate each topic to ourselves as part of exercises in the last part of the lesson. This creates a good flow to the lesson and helps us get to know each other better.


Brain storming, Communications, Editing, Proof Reading, Teaching / Lecturing, Writing

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