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I present studio Interior design studio Luxury Antonovich Design.

Interior design studio Luxury Antonovich Design offers luxury interior and exterior design, architectural design and landscaping in the UAE, Kenya, Nigeria at the highest international level.

Unique studio projects meet the highest international standards. Each project studio is a work of art of design and architecture. Combining the best traditions of eras and new technologies, interior designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio created a new era of luxury, setting new fashion trends. The perfect combination of decorative elements, textures, colors and materials is the basis for the aesthetic perfection of interior, exterior and architectural ensembles

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Project featured:Luxury villa design in Dubai from Katrina Antonovich
on 29th November 2016
Project featured:Astonishing Implemented Interior in Dubai
on 18th June 2019
Project featured:Proper Furniture Arrangement for a Small Living Room
on 14th August 2019
Project featured:Cozy Dining Room Interior Design in Florida
on 24th February 2020
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