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I am a highly experienced and motivated video editor who is newly graduated from a university Post Production course with a first-class honours. I am proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, as well as AVID and Davinci Resolve, I have around a decade's worth of experience in Adobe Premiere Pro.

I have been passionate about editing for a large amount of my life, with me starting out editing family videos and other videos just for fun, with a lot of that time being spent using Adobe Premier Pro.

I am also highly involved in the social media world with me owning and running two YouTube channels. I am also heavily involved in the running of my brother's Twitch channel and have also made a Udemy course about how to get started on YouTube.

As well as working on my channels I also edit videos for a new start-up video production company that I am helping to build with a few other individuals.

Others have described me as being an extremely fast editor and I have a very good work ethic and always try my best to create as good of a video for my clients as possible.


Content, Editing, Post-production

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Animation, Arts, Cinema, Film (Short / Documentary), Social Network / Community


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