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I'm a graphic artist and illustrator for innovators and change-makers. I've been doing art my whole life and using computers since I was 9 - I love the blend of art and technology. I have a particular talent for illustration, clean layouts, and bold designs.

I make pictures of other people's ideas. My deep listening skills and vivid imagination enable me to ask questions and fully realize what my clients are trying to achieve. I derive a great deal of satisfaction from bringing ideas to life.

I do graphic design for a purpose. A good design can tell a story, or convey a message that can't be done with words. I ensure that my designs align with the intent and purpose of my client to help them connect with their community or audience, and convey a concept that is highly accessible. I believe that in a technology-driven world, graphic design is more important than ever, and is an integral part of creating a powerful brand message. I'm adept at grasping new ideas and translating them into images that can be grasped by the target market. But I know that graphics alone can't carry the message, so I love working with a team to help develop my work as part of an overall strategic communication. The words and the pictures need to work together as a cohesive narrative. My degree in philosophy gives me a unique point of view in communicating concepts and making a strong visceral connection. I've worked at a variety of retail companies and professional organizations, both in the private sector and non-profits, which allows me to leverage a range of perspectives. While my work is detailed, I still see the big picture and how it all fits together. For me, the work itself is fun, even when it is for a serious purpose.


Apple OS, Brand / Logo Design, Character Design, Colour, Desktop Publishing, Digital Art, Graphic Design, HTML, Icon Design, Illustration, illustrator, Image Retouching, InDesign, Internet, Packaging, Packaging Design, Painting, Photo Editing, Photoshop, Print, Print Design, Retouching, Scanning, Sculpture, UX/UI, Web Design

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Arts, Books & Periodicals, Branding, Computer Games, Creative Services, Design, Fine Art, Painting & Sculpture, Gaming, Magazines & Comics, Marketing, Merchandise, Packaging, Politics, Print


HCC Faculty Art Award 2015, HCC Facuty Art Award 2014


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