About me

I am a freelance Creative developer with over 10 years experience working in technology, creative and research focused roles.

While I specialise in more backend technologies including NodeJS and PHP, I am experienced with various others including traditional and framework based Javascript, Java/Processing, C++/OpenFrameworks to name but a few. I have a good knowledge of server side administration including multiple Linux flavours, AWS Services, Databases, DevOps, as well as modern development boards such as RaspberryPI, BeagleBone and Arduino/electronic design. I like to get involved with creative and conceptual work which allows me to do a lot of client focused R+D, rapid prototyping and proof of concepts builds.

I'm very interested in combining design, art and conceptual ideas with code and technology. I create a lot of research pieces, commercial products at work as well as projects in my free time.

Always interested in learning new things and creating amazing work.


creative technology, DevOps, NODEJS, php

Sector Experience

installations, Research & Development, Software


D&AD Award - Nomination, IPM Award

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Freelance, Temp-Perm
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Creativepool member since 12 August 2017