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Hello I'm Ade and I've been in healthcare Comms for the best part of 20 years.. maybe more! I am an Art Director by title but one from a design led background (I have a degree in information graphics) I started out my career in Graphic design but wanted a more conceptual role. Like most people I "fell into" healthcare but really enjoyed the challenge of getting something out there with all those restrictions imposed... but... there is no point getting something out there if it looks and sounds rubbish. Beautifully crafted unexpected relevance is my personal mantra and has served me well over the years. If I haven't the team I have lead have won awards in every major show including Cannes, Clios and this year the LIA's. McCann health are globally recognised as the most awarded network health agency in the world and I'd like to think I have contributed to that status. I have been at McCann Health London as an ECD for 9 years so I must be doing something right! When I started McCann Health was around 25 people, we now have 130 full time and on any given day we can raise that figure to 150 with freelance. I still find the job incredibly exciting and with health now being a major factor in everyday life (far more so than it was 20 years ago) people working in this sector are no longer regarded as the ginger stepson of advertising. Far from it in fact, healthcare is the new 'lifestyle' and grows year on year with no hint of slowing down.


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