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Adam & Eve is a young communications agency made up of people from the worlds of advertising, comms planning, digital, events, and design.

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Annual 2019 SilverBohemian RhapsodyAdvertising: TV Annual 2019 ShortlistBohemian RhapsodyIntegrated
Top 10 Communications Agency Project featured:The City Within, a 360° documentary for FT’s Hidden Cities Rio
on 10th August 2016
Project featured:Dublin in the Dark: The Story of ‘Emerald Noir’
on 9th January 2017
Project featured:Jason Hindley, Marmite - Cannes Lions 2019
on 25th June 2019
Project featured:Virgin Media - Stay In Love, Stay Connected
on 28th September 2020
Project featured:John Lewis & Partners - Showtime
on 9th October 2020
Project featured:FIFA 21 - Win As One
on 21st October 2020
Project featured:Temptations - Scaredy Cat
on 22nd October 2020
Project featured:Greenies - Snowman
on 17th November 2020
Project featured:John Lewis & Partners - Give A Little Love
on 8th December 2020
Project featured:Radox | Life's Better With Bubbles
on 19th January 2021
Project featured:Quorn - More To Life Than Meat
on 5th February 2021
Project featured:Virgin Media - Faster Brings Us Closer
on 19th February 2021
Project featured:Lucozade - It's On
on 17th April 2021
Project featured:Carlsberg - Better Tomorrow
on 11th May 2021
Project featured:FIFA - C4 Diversity
on 28th July 2021
Project featured:Hey Girls - Seeing Red
on 28th July 2021
Project featured:Gmr: Play Connected
on 18th September 2021
Project featured:Give a Little Love
on 29th October 2021
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