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VFX Legion () specializes in providing end-to-end visual effects services for episodic television and feature films.

Launched in 2013 by founder, creative director, senior VFX supervisor, James David Hattin. The LA company’s veteran management team, core group of senior talent, support staff, and a collective of over 70+ artists consistently produce high-quality VFX, while meeting tight deadlines for multiple projects with ease.

Located in the epicenter of the film and television industry, VFX Legion provides studios with a full-service approach. Collaborating closely with producers, directors, DPs, camera operators, and editors the data gathered and input provided enables its team to maximize the efficiency of the production and postproduction process and get the most out of every budget.

ABOUT JAMES DAVID HATTIN: Founder, Creative Director, Senior VFX Supervisor:

James David Hattin, the founder and creative director of VFX Legion, oversees every aspect of the visual effects process for episodic television shows and feature films. He brings 20+ years of experience as a lead creative, visual effects supervisor, and innovative digital technician the table.

On the technical side, he's the architect of the cutting-edge pipeline that’s the core of VFX Legion,. Built from the ground up, it provides unprecedented reach, connectivity, and flexibility, Hattin is the driving force behind the evolution of the company’s infrastructure, protocols and methodologies, and a collective of talent with a next-generation digital pipeline at their fingertips.


Before launching VFX Legion, James did a three-year stint as senior compositor and compositing /digital effects supervisor at Zoic Studios. While working on major feature films and episodic television shows, he fed the left-side of his brain creating the foundation for the company's Z.E.U.S.-driven compositing template, helping develop a File Browser that integrated into their pipeline as well as refining and evolving workflow systems.

He exited Zoic in 2013, to focus on applying his creative skill-sets and technical ingenuity to designing a leading-edge digital management pipeline. Looking beyond the long-standing traditional business models and tapping state-of-the-art technology required building the new infrastructure from the ground up.

VFX Legion was launched later that year, with his pioneering digital pipeline providing unprecidented reach and connectivity that puts the studio at the forefront of the next generation of visual effects companies.

Over the years, Hattin's creativity, managerial, and technical skills were repeatedly called on by a number of high-end VFX companies, including Luma Pictures, Industrial Light & Magic, Zoic Studios, Pixel Magic, Digital Dream, Filmworks Digital. As lead compositor/digital effects supervisor and compositing supervisor, he's helmed VFX teams working on well over 100 high-profile television series and feature films.

Hattin's TV credits include Arrow (CW), V (ABC), 666 Park Avenue (ABC), The Closer (TNT), Falling Skies (TNT), and Magic City(Starz), to name a few.

He's feature film credits include Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Walt Disney Pictures), Blood Diamond (Warner Bros.), The Pink Panther (Sony Pictures), Underworld: Evolution (Sony Pictures), Mr. & Mrs. Smith (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment), Elektra (20th Century Fox/Marvel Enterprises) Spanglish (Columbia Pictures) Blade: Trinity (New Line Cinema), Final Destination 2 (New Line Cinema), The Remnant (20th Century Fox), Behind Enemy Lines (WWE Studios), Black Knight (Warner Bros Pictures) Nim's Island (20th Century Fox), The Holiday (Columbia Pictures/Universal Pictures), Sideways (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment), Spider-Man, among others.

Under the VFX Legion banner, Hattin's supervised VFX for a mix of TV shows and movies, including series Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, The Catch (Shondaland/ABC Studios), Madame Secretary (CBS), Suits (USA), El Chapo (Netflix), Eye Candy (MTV), Revolution, and Gone (Universal).

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