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Dear Dan Johmston

My name is Pia Thaleia Crawford.

I am a 22 year old female from reading, with a great passion for games.

I have studied music production for a year at ACM music school in guildford, which also included post production and music for animation which would be another great sector i would love to work within.

I am a very very enthusiastic person, and always willing to learn more, i am also very very creative and hands on so i feel working within the gaming industry would be perfect for me, as i feel the opportunities are endless for creation.

I really am a hard worker, i honestly feel you should work for the money you receive in life, and im not looking for a part time kind of job i am looking for a career, in order to achieve this i put 110% into everything i do.

Please please consider me for a role within your team as i put my all into everything i do especially within personal interests, and i will do what it takes to prove i am able to work

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