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Mantra Lingua is a UK-based publisher that believes in the future of paper! But with a difference.

All our books, posters, stickers and cards are sound enabled. They play back audio narrations or music and readers can also record their own voice on every page. Being the world's largest publisher of dual language books, listening as well as reading books in one's home and another language, brings great joy to the many bilingual parents, children, families and communities in UK, Europe, USA etc.

We ensure that digital does not replace paper, but that paper is an interface for digital. That is, we are strong believers in blended learning - partnering paper with digital for a more tactile and imaginative learning experience. This way, one is not tied to a computer screen and of course there are no restrictions on size. We or you can produce big books, wall panels, posters that play back audio!

Established in 2002, we now have offices in London and Chicago, with partners in Europe, Austra


Creativity in design with Invention in technology


Pre-School Playgroup Overall Gold Award 2015

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