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We are Grey London, AdAge’s Agency of the Year. We are very proud to have also been awarded Effectiveness Agency of the Year by the IPA and were D&AD’s most creatively awarded agency of 2014. Over the past few years we have transformed our creative and business performance, emerging as one of London’s most-dynamic and fastest-growing creative agencies.

We’ve grown our revenue by 275% since 2009, winning a host of new clients including HSBC, Duracell, Gillette, McVitie’s, Volvo, Post-Its, Vodafone, GSK, Orangina, Ribena and Lucozade. Other blue chip clients include Hugo Boss Fragrances, Allianz, Pringles, Pantene, Frijj, Cathedral City, Clover, Fairy, Puma Fragrances and Schwartz. We continue to grow exponentially, while maintaining a strong, open and entrepreneurial culture, unique in the industry.

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Annual 2020 BronzeThe BirdmanBranded Content Annual 2020 BronzeThe BirdmanProduction Annual 2020 ShortlistAdvertising: Film Annual 2020 ShortlistMusic & Sound
Project featured:McVities - Chocolate Digestives
on 23rd February 2016
Project featured:Vodafone HD x Kodaline
on 23rd February 2016
Project featured:THE SCENT / TVC / Directed by Darren Aronofsky
on 30th November 2016
Project featured:Grohe - Unbottled Water
on 14th January 2017
Project featured:Gillette "Shave Fearless"
on 16th February 2017
Project featured:The Comic Relief Swear Jar App
on 20th March 2017
Project featured:Pink Bra (M&S)
on 17th October 2017
Project featured:Andy Lo Pò, Gillette
on 21st November 2017
Project featured:Hugo Boss Fragrance
on 4th December 2017
Project featured:The Next Move (Lucozade Sport)
on 17th September 2018
Project featured:Creative Disruption for Grey London and Duracell
on 20th March 2019
Project featured:Lucozade | The Next Move
on 27th October 2019
Project featured:LUCOZADE - Tomb Raider 30sec TVC
on 18th November 2019
Project featured:HELLY HANSEN - TRADE SHOW
on 7th April 2020
Project featured:Vodafone Ireland - The Joy of Connection
on 20th July 2020
Project featured:Open To Tomorrow
on 10th August 2020
Project featured:Presentation Design Vol 1
on 11th August 2020
Project featured:Gillette - Tightrope Directors Cut
on 6th November 2020
on 19th February 2021
Project featured:Workplace Portraits
on 10th March 2021
Project featured:#StopCyberflashing 1
on 12th September 2022
Project featured:Incomplete Without the T
on 9th November 2022
Project featured:Back to School
on 4th January 2023
Project featured:Pip Hare for Helly Hansen
on 6th June 2023
Project featured:For Life - When you feel safe you can be truly free
on 9th October 2023

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