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Foxtrot Papa is a content studio. We create original concepts and deliver full production and design services across film, photography and print.

For brands who need to tell a story and for agencies who need to get the job done, we’ll bring you 20 years of best-in-class creative and production know-how, combined with a love for our craft and unparalleled experience that means we’re always on and ready to go.



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Jaguar, Land Rover, Odlo

Annual 2017 ShortlistJaguar I-Pace Outdoor Studio PhotographyPhotography Annual 2017 ShortlistJaguar Classic Lightweight E-Type Bespoke BooksPublishing
Project featured:Defender Journeys: The Last Defender
on 1st November 2016
Project featured:Jaguar XF | Smart Cone Challenge with Romain Grosjean-HD
on 10th November 2016
Project featured:Discovery Sport - Wilderness Cabin
on 15th December 2016
Project featured:The Frozen One: Jose Mourinho Drives the New Jaguar F-PACE
on 18th January 2017
Project featured:Jaguar I-Pace Outdoor Studio Photography
on 17th March 2017
Project featured:Foxtrot Papa - Creatively Charged
on 28th March 2017
Project featured:Odlo SS17 - Running and training - One Step Ahead
on 10th April 2017
Project featured:Odlo SS17 - Bike, Hike - Always one Step Ahead
on 13th April 2017
Project featured:Land Rover - Velar - Shanghai B-Roll
on 24th April 2017
Project featured:Aston Martin's £65million housewarming - St Athan
on 19th May 2017
Project featured:New Honda Civic Type R
on 9th June 2017
Project featured:Range Rover Evoque vs Owen Farrell
on 15th June 2017
Project featured:The Watch - Kate Winslet and Longines
on 7th July 2017
Project featured:Jaguar XJR575 - Fastest Interview
on 25th July 2017
Project featured:Discovery Sport – Horsepower vs Dog Power
on 29th August 2017
Project featured:Land Rover - Waste to Waves Surfboard
on 11th September 2017
Project featured:ICON - The Story of the Series Land Rover and Defender
on 18th September 2017
Project featured:Jaguar XJ | Game of Drones
on 20th September 2017
Project featured:JAGUAR E-PACE | Design Film
on 25th September 2017
Project featured:Jaguar XF Sportbrake | GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Fastest Towed Speed on Skis
on 5th October 2017

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