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I'm David Guitard, a Professional Recording Artist,, My 1st retail album 'ONE' was just been Re-released by DG RECORDS! It was first released by Asylum Productions May 1st, 2013 and re-released the next year until the label ceased operations in 2015! Was in transition till becoming Signed to Evolution Inc. until late 2017 when I began working towards opening DG Records! My bio is unique but like many artists, my introduction to music & singing was at a very young age being on stage at 5 years old with a cowboy hat & a cowboy boots on at 5 years old! This & growing up with a musical family who play many instruments, sing & write music! Influenced by family & many artists through my life, like Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, Bob Dillon, CCR & a great Canadian band The Tragically Hip! Also Metallica, Guns & Roses & others! My genre is folk/pop/rock & I fingerpicked for the 9 years as an indie artist & now professionally for 4 years!

Most of the last 14 years involved healing, in 2003 while living in western Canada I'd fallen almost ten feet & landing head first on concrete! Was in a coma for 10 days & in the hospital for two months with a Traumatic Head Injury! The first 5 years were the most difficult having to learn many things over again! My brain needed to heal so I could again walk, talk, communicate normally again! It was a life changing event & an injury I wouldn't wish upon anyone! Beforehand I'd gone to College for Electronics Engineering in Toronto Ontario & then to University for Psychology in Fredericton NB! Also knew my 3 page resume by heart, now afterwards till this day don't as these are lost memories! After my injury I began to dedicate my life to music, I even asked for my guitar first thing in the hospital even after not knowing my own name!

The first year of recovery learning things over I lived near my families farm in Belledune, N.B.! Practicing daily & after recording each of my songs 100 times I had finished my first indie album! Then went door to door selling them & getting hundreds of signatures in a binder for support,, I did Sadly loose this! Then I had gone to a professional studio to record a 2 song demo with a friend harmonizing for me!

From early on I was confident that I'd be successful & become Signed! Even when I became sick from damage done to my brain & had to move in a special care home 'my first of two'! Only then discovering that I had developed epilepsy which it took 9 years total for my brain to heal while concentrating on my health & music! In the beginning I played the same songs everywhere, In the hospital, in the care homes, on the street, in my many apartments, for everyone who would listen! With Hardly any skill in the beginning but kept playing & pushing myself to heal! Playing & singing my own music almost everyday & once a week going to karaoke for many years! Doing this for thousands of hours total working on my 'craft' to get great at it, wanting to reach my listeners while also developing my lyrical skills! After helping a DJ at his live gigs around Northern N.B. where I sang too, he helped record my first full length album at 'Hometown Studios' that he co-owned!

It was Feb, 2012 my neuro-psychologist told me that my brain had healed 100%! After this with my playing I also started to market & promote online this becoming extremely important in my career eventually being played on well over of 100 radio stations , this being how in the fall of 2012 I became recognized by the owner of Asylum through my presence online & was Signed on Feb 1st, 2013, Having my first retail album released in May! Now being just over 14 years after my Injury I'm proud to say I've achieved what I have! Continuing to work very long hours, my time is spent marketing, promoting, writing music, rehearsing & recording my 2nd retail album! In the first week of August, 2016 I was interviewed by 'The Northern Light' our city newspaper & the article on Aug. 9th with the headline 'Musician works on his second retail album since injury' was in it! Now having around 265,000+ friends & fans throughout my social media network of 60+ sites, 800+ groups, my Official Music Page, Official Website & much more!, I continue to feel blessed & loved while replying to fans who tell me they love my music, videos & me! Even though I've one of the toughest careers I don't worry about how/where my life will go, continuing to work hard & have many great people behind/beside me! It makes all those times I remember cursing my fingers after the pain & bleeding all worthwhile! Anyone who meets me now wouldn't know I was through such an ordeal unless I tell them!

I Love what I do, After growing up a farm-boy, working in so many venues of work, being educated with my many struggles, I can say that I'm 100% a musician at heart! I plan to do this the rest of my life for myself, family, friends & fans! Please remember to treat those around you with love & respect! Thank you & God bless ... ... DG


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