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The Royal Canadian Legion raises money for veterans by selling poppies on Rememberence Day. To continue to fundraise in an increasingly cashless world, they've added a digital poppy that Canadians can share on social media in exchange for a donation. We documented the emotional moment when one of Canada's oldest veterans signed up for Facebook and Twitter to dedicate a poppy to his late friend and mentor. By sharing on social media and asking Canada to follow his lead, Ardwell Eyres became Canada's oldest influencer. If one of our oldest veterans can share a digital poppy, we all can.

Date created: November 2019 2019-11-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 17 December 2019 2019-12-17T15:52:49+0000


Project featured: on 30th December 2019

Canada’s Oldest Influencer