ZERO VFX became part of the production process for Solar City's spot in the very early stages of their commercial. Before bringing in bid directors and production companies, ZERO VFX was brought onto the case as soon as Arnold Worldwide had their concept approved.

During the production bidding phase, ZERO VFX was consulted about director's pitches to determine how the ideas could be executed.

Once the job was awarded to Chris Hooper at Raucous Content, ZERO's Co-founder, Brian Drewes, and Visual Effects Supervisor, Dan Cayer, went to the set in Vancouver to supervise the shoot and ensure the process fit seamlessly with the VFX company's post production pipeline.

Each apartment scene was shot in a separate place with a head-on, locked-off camera at both close up and wide distances. ZERO then built the CG wooden structure that the units live within, tiled the scenes to exist within that unit and animated a 3D camera to journey viewers through the story.

ZERO VFX played off Wes Anderson's school-play style art direction that exists throughout the spot and between the 3D elements. The matte painting created a playful stage complete with birds on a mobile, cloth background, and a marquee-bulb lettering.

The spot was directed by Chris Hooper and the production company was Raucous Content.

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