Zane Radcliffe Executive Creative Director


To highlight the power of plant-based energy bars for VOOM Nutrition, we created a social film that (at first) presents as a serious sports documentary about a serious free climber, who is fixated on climbing the 'Big One', at the expense of his relationship. But his arrogance is undone. The one thing he didn't prepare for was his hayfever and a small, flowering plant ejects him from the rockface by triggering a sneeze. This cautionary tale unexpectedly and comically lands our brand message: 'Never Underestimate The Power of Plants'. The script is a perfectly crafted slow-burn, designed to wrong-foot viewers and create impact. The humour stands out in a category that can often take itself very seriously. We cast social influencer and GB free climber Louis Parkinson as the star of the film, which turbo-charged our engagement by a factor of 22 compared to previous campaigns. Sales more than trebled in the launch phase. The ad appealed strongly to our growing community of outdoor sports enthusiasts who responded in their droves to the humorous twist. The advertising press too: 'A masterpiece. The height of humour' (David Reviews), 'Epic and darkly comedic' (Shots), 'Ad of the day' (Campaign). 'Pick of the Week' (AdAge), 'Never underestimate the power of funny' (LBBOnline)


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