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Euronews came to Brand42 with a brief to rethink the design of their website and redefine the brand online. At the heart of the brief was the challenge to launch the ‘All Views’ concept and define what this meant for users and the ways in which they interacted with Euronews content. In addition to this they challenged Brand42 to bring new advertising opportunities to their already established clients.

We began our thinking about the new site by looking at how people were consuming the news on existing pages. Using this information, we worked closely with all departments of the Euronews team through several workshop exercises to identify the key features that users and the brand needed.

Euronews doesn’t have an editorial angle or a national viewpoint. Reporters work in 13 languages and are uniquely positioned to understand the multiple perspectives from which international events are followed. This gave Brand42 the perfect opportunity to integrate these multi-linguistic views alongside content and amplify this unique selling point, in order to ensure relevance in the new media landscape.

‘All views’ is brought to life through market leading functionality around content, using video, social media, quotes, photos, graphics, and auto translation to offer as many perspectives from around the world as possible. The site also shows where stories are trending, and which topics are the most popular in different languages and locations globally. These new features are designed to showcase the breadth of Euronews coverage and the ethos at the heart of their journalism, while also increasing the site’s global reach and encouraging a higher level of engagement.

The site redesign included a complete overhaul of existing formats and established a truly responsive experience, where previously the organisation utilised a number of individual look and feels for each platform.

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Date published: 9 March 2017 2017-03-09T23:00:11+0000


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