About me


I'm Ying Lai, a UI & Visual designer who's not only an aesthetic and user-friendly UI maker but also a rapid prototyper has the strong passion for resolving problems with user-centered interactions. I have accomplished the responsive website and mobile application design products. Further, I have also succeeded in building the design approaches to affect the team collaboration.

In my current position, I charge all phases of our website and application products, with both user experience and interface design. Besides being a pixel-perfect designer, I'm also a team player who likes to find out the solutions balancing between stakeholders' and users' requirements. By prototyping and user testing, I design the actually useful product and make users intuitively "just gets it". Some of my professional accomplishments are outlined as follows:

Initiated UCD in the team. After attended the Human-Centered Design(HCD) course by Ideo and +Acumen, I started to propose the HCD process with engineer team members. This change makes the process of development follow the user-thinking model and every step run smoothly.

Immersed in multiple designs. I made multi-modal (touch, emotion, gesture, etc.) systems with interactions and solved user experience and interface design challenge with safety guidelines in mind. Evaluate the usability and value in every part of the design, ensure every process is appropriate for users and pleased to explain the design thinking to everyone involved.

Collaborated in teamwork. My Html5+CSS3 skills make me communicate and collaborate well with front-end members. Development team and I often resolve problems and optimize interaction together.

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