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Print Magazine recognized us as one of the best Visual Artists under 30 years old from the world.

We were commissioned by Print Magazine to create a cover for their summer 2016 issue, the 'New Visual Artists 2016: 15 under 30', an issue that showcases the work of the most exciting 15 designers under 30 in the world, this issue included us, Yarza Twins as part of the selection.

In our design we wanted to point the fact that many young graduates and talented people around the world are working for free as interns. Many of them need to overwork many hours in other jobs to be able to support themselves. A shame for a whole generation that can't dream about making a living from their own effort, owning a property or that have to face, like the case of a student in Belgium last year, to sleep in the street in order to achieve working as an intern (for free) for the European Parliament.

The other concept is born of a new generation that is just born into adulthood in a very strange world.

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Date published: 4 July 2016 2016-07-04T21:33:35+0100


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