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Since was sixteen years old i been really enthusiastic and focused in to fashion photography, which my attention on the magazines Vogue Magazine, Harpers, Marie Claire, Woman, Elle...

This thing of creativity, Could be with in looking on a walking girl on the street which reminds me Jane Fonda, and i think, wow, this picture could be amazing like this.... basically can be based on searching beauty and harmony from each person, dismissing beauty canons.

Part of my carrier has been developed thank of my dads influence, which he was an amazing artist which i wasn't really paying all the attention he deserved.

I remember with 14 years old my dad telling me, "don't you ever touch my cameras" , and quite after, he holding his stuff showing it to me telling me it will belong to me when he leaves this life, like he did.

The best thing he taught me was to be able to not calculate and be abstract, natural life enjoyer. Such as seeing beauty in something simple and not mathematic. He wasn't mathematic at all.

He was an incredible idol, which i couldn't ever be able to describe all his good things and how much i saw of him, and i ever could not get enough.

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