WPA Pinfold Leeds


Since its arrival in 1997, the Arriva brand had changed little. The Arriva name continues to serve Arriva well, however, Arriva’s brand had become diluted and fragmented.
The new identity supports business growth, capitalising on Arriva’s strengths. Now, for the first time at Arriva, the brand is underpinned by principles and logic to support decision making around branding and business naming.

WPA Pinfold has refreshed the brand across the whole Group. We have created a new identity, unifying 14 countries and over 60,000 employees, under one cohesive brand. Touching all aspects of the business; from buses and trains to new transport concepts and own brands. Aligned to the company vision and strategy, we have developed an aligned brand identity, repositioning from a functional brand, to a more emotional and customer focused brand positioning.


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