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Shaws were over the moon with the new packaging and brand identity we created and we couldn’t be happier either. Here’s the fantastic results we have achieved so far, followed by how we got here.

The Results

Both the INK and Shaws teams are really excited to head out to our local supermarkets to see the new-look packaging on its jars sat on the shelves in all their glory.

Shaws couldn’t wait to show off its new branding to top national retailers and were delighted to have received such positive feedback on its new jars. In fact, a number of key retailers have agreed to stock extra product lines in their stores, as well as increase the number of stores taking the brand because of its revamped packaging and brand identity.

Shaws’ new website launched just recently and it’s been received extremely well by its customers and retailers so far. The very lovely team sent us some fantastic comments about our working relationship:

“INK Digital guide you through the whole process in a super friendly and efficient way. They come up with clever ways to do things that sometimes, as clients, we can over complicate. They are a great addition to any team and we are delighted to be working with them.”

Jan Docker, Shaws of Huddersfield.

We really do love a happy client! It truly makes our hard work worthwhile. We’re very excited to continue working with Shaws and we’re having regular workshops with them to help with its marketing activities – there are lots of awesome campaigns in the pipeline so watch this space!


We were super excited when the team at Shaws got in touch with us to discuss how the business could extend its brand reach even further both digitally and through print in store and online. We saw so much potential and were bursting at the seams with creative ideas.

Shaws had been told in the past, by its clients, that its branding didn’t reflect its warm, fun, and quirky personality or the high quality of its products very well - it was a little stuffy and corporate and this was something its retail customers struggled to feel a connection with. We were challenged to change the perception of Shaws through all the main brand and retail touchpoints starting with a huge overhaul of its packaging and supporting material and finishing with a relaunch of its website.

We were asked to refresh Shaws’ brand, personality, image and packaging. This included a re-design of its jar labels, new recipe cards, POS displays and a 12-month marketing plan. Following this we were tasked with re-planning, designing and developing its website featuring imagery to tantalise the taste buds along with scrumptious recipes to inspire families to add some extra zing to their mid-week cooking.


We got to work straight away (cuppa in hand, of course!) and being a collaborative bunch here at INK, we bundled the creative minds from design, marketing, development and strategy together to come up with ideas to create packaging design that packed some punch. There is so much competition on the shelves of supermarkets so it was super important they stood out from the crowd. We revitalised the existing colour palette to make the colours really pop and to showcase the versatility of Shaws’ products, we featured recipe inspirations on the labels to really whet the consumers’ appetite. We carefully planned out how we can tell the story of Shaws, convey the brands quirky personality and provide its customers with inspiration as to how they can use chutney and relish for more than just cheese all on one jar, in such a small space.

Now you may be thinking, what do you have with chutney apart from cheese? Well, it’s surprisingly really versatile and a perfect accompaniment to a whole variety of tasty meals. To ensure the recipe suggestions were as authentic as possible, the whole team got together to have a delicious taste testing and recipe ideas session to decide chutney and relish suited different meals the best. To nod to the recipe inspirations in a visual way, we created a beautiful pattern of small, rather intricate drawings of tasty recipes and the ingredients in the chutneys themselves.

To showcase Shaws’ heritage and strengthen the brand, we featured an image of Mr Walter Shaw himself - one of the founding family members – and added his signature to the packaging. This was to demonstrate a strong history of quality and amazing taste which started back in 1889, and whilst the taste and recipes have evolved, the foundations of Shaws’ family values remain just as strong, something we feel gives Shaws a real edge in the market.

We carefully chose the colour palette for each jar to support the contents of it and add a strong sense of the quality product inside. We featured a detailed pattern of small illustrations to represent the ingredients in each jar and details of what meal each chutney and relish would suit to help inspire consumers further. We also chose to incorporate spot UV against a matte black background on certain sections of the packaging to help make the colours really pop and in turn look more vibrant on supermarket shelves, which was one of our initial objectives.

Alongside the initial rebrand, we designed a pull-up banner filled with heaps of personality and recipe cards which Shaws can hand out to customers at its regular taste testing sessions.

Following our branding work with Shaws we then got cracking with its website. We kicked things off by defining all the objectives first, ensuring the team knew exactly what we needed to achieve and support. Following this, we produced wireframes to map out the user journey to ensure the site is as easy as possible to navigate. Next, we worked on a responsive design which perfectly reflects Shaws’ family heritage and showcases its delicious range of condiments. The ‘Our Story’ page is a particular favourite of ours as we were able to capture the heart of Shaws by producing a timeline to step back in time to see how the family started its journey in creating a successful business.

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