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We were truly delighted to work on such a fantastic project which was creating a new, fully-responsive, multi-lingual, intelligence gathering website for Princess Yachts, the global luxury yacht manufacturer.

Headquartered in Plymouth, Princess is highly regarded in the motor yacht industry and we wanted to elevate its digital presence to further secure its position as an industry power player.

A fine challenge for us indeed! With an ever-growing international client base our aim was to drive the flow of visitors to the site.

With so many great assets to work with and a high volume of mobile traffic to capitalise on, we knew right off the bat this website needed to wow on every page and leave the competition out to dry.

We carried out detailed research on Princess' audience to ensure we delivered the right experience at the right time.

In order to create a visually striking, content rich site we integrated smart technology for a seamless user journey which would provide a customised experience for each visitor.

We wanted users to engage with relevant content suited to them using the site's IP lookup and multi-lingual capabilities to pull the resources together.

Keeping its wide demographic of customers and appreciators across the globe in mind, strategically placed call-to-actions and personalised content, such as local distributor contact details, would change based on the user's location or set preferences.

Before the visitor has even thought about what their browsing requirements might be, this pre-empting functionality starts them along the most natural and coherent user journey possible, intelligently echoing the bespoke service a Princess customer would receive in person.

Its collection of iconic yachts were presented in numerous ways on the site in the form of high-end hero photography, videos and virtual tours for maximum brand immersion.

The idea to incorporate a social wall was a refreshing approach for encouraging users to engage and strike a deeper connection to Princess via the social platform of their choice.

These finer details are what set Princess apart from its competitors online. Whether it's a desktop, mobile or tablet session, the user is at the heart of every scroll and click of a button for a personalised, yet effortless exploration that keeps them coming back for more.

We are incredibly proud of what we did - it looks great, it's a breeze to navigate and following the new site going live in September 2015, we have seen fantastic results:

+ Homepage views increased by 83.78%

+ Users spent 34.6% longer on the site on average

+ 68% increase in organic traffic

+ 59% increase in referral visits

+ Social visits up by a huge 119%

+ Homepage bounce rate decreased by 17.32%

What an awesome way to mark its 50th anniversary in 2015.


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