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In 2019, Chivas Brothers curated a collection of old & rare malts from 4 elusive Speyside distilleries. “In the world of whisky, every bottle has a story” and for whisky connoisseurs, the reward is in the discovery. We were asked to create distinctive, alluring posters for each distillery while still holding together as a collection, that would encourage our audience to explore and seek for more.

Reinvent the strikingly beautiful, iconic Scottish Paisley pattern which shares the same values and historic milestones with our distilleries. Working with Brooklyn based illustrator Dan Funderburgh, we created a series of bespoke illustrative patterns with intricate narrative unveiling the unique characters of our malts for those intrepid enough to go a little deeper.

The single malt market is thriving and competitively fierce, with many exclusive and prestigious launches. Yet it is still crowded with imagery of rugged Scottish landscapes, portraits of distillery founders and dusty casks. Younger audiences value authenticity, however, they also seek the unusual and the discerning. They are on a personal quest to find hidden and unique treasures.

After drawing and then vectorising each of the distilleries’ elements, they were arranged into an illustration. To maximise these we created a custom rig using 3d software. This allowed us to import the vector illustrations and apply bespoke texturing and lighting effects. This technique gave us the flexibility to craft each illustration individually and to simulate a crafted foiled debossed look.


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