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Ongoing creative collaboration with Dancer Carolina (Carro) Czechowska. This project uses a mixture of flash and continuous lighting to evoke the timing and movement of dance in still images.

Carro was born in Stockholm and received her education at the Royal Swedish
Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, The Boston Ballet, and Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet Training Program. In San Francisco, she has danced with RAWdance, Capacitor, James Graham Dance Theatre, Garrett & Moulton Productions (2011-19). Internationally, she has been part of Tino Seghal's world-renowned installations and worked with Johannes Wieland at the 2015 “One Small Step” festival. Developed during the pandemic, Carro joined Moving Isolation, an award-winning online international collaboration led by Swedish choreographer Anna Holter. She has been a choreography repetiteur at Oakland Ballet, Company C Contemporary Ballet, SF State University, Santa Clara University, and Collin College. Since 2019, Carro has been a performing artist and collaborator with Margaret Jenkins Dance Company. Carro was recently appointed Community Research and Engagement Director at the Museum of Dance (MOD). In 2017, she was awarded an “Izzie”; The Isadora Duncan Dance Award for outstanding individual performance.

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