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Greenroom is a project I worked on as part of a team at StreamYard. It was co-designed between myself and Noah Shrader.

Picture this: you have guests on your live stream show, and you want them to be comfortable before the show begins. You may have a live stream producer running a “tech prep” session to walk them through the production. This may include the run-of-show, details about when they need to arrive, along with ensuring the camera placement is in the right place and the audio, internet, and lighting look good.

Performing these essential steps can help relax your guests before the live stream starts and make them feel more confident. It is especially helpful if this is their first live stream appearance.

This is where a green room can help.

By giving your guests an area to hang out in, ahead of time, you empower them to do their best work. So, having a green room is critical to your live stream's success as it aligns guests on shared goals and helps them collaborate better.

Here, we'll explore how a green room can positively impact your business live streams. Plus, how to use StreamYard Greenroom to help prepare your guests before going live.

But first, let's define what a green room is in more detail.

What Is A Green Room?
Traditionally, a green room is a backstage area or room where a show's guests wait before going on stage. But the green room has gone virtual: think of it as a virtual backstage room where a live stream or recording session's guests go to check their setup. It is where they prepare for the live event.

This allows hosts, guests, moderators, and live stream producers to stay behind the scenes and conduct dry runs. Whether you're checking the camera's angle, audio source, or quality of the internet – a green room lets you do it all. It also allows the host to communicate with guests and practice and review any content (slides, videos, and more) they plan to share beforehand.

A green room is a powerful tool to ensure a live stream is perfect and the guest is confident with their setup. At the same time, the host can ensure all guests look and sound their best before entering the live studio.

What Is StreamYard Greenroom?
With live streaming becoming the de facto way to engage with your audience, it makes sense to ensure all your broadcasts look and sound perfect before you click that “Go live” button. This is what the StreamYard Greenroom helps you achieve.

StreamYard Greenroom is a virtual green room to streamline communication between a live stream's participants (host, guest, producer, etc.) Think of it as a way to converse “behind the scenes” with your live stream guests and conduct dry runs before the show begins.

Currently available to all StreamYard Business users, StreamYard Greenroom lets you prepare for your live stream ahead of time, while helping your guests feel confident before they're live on stage.

Why Use StreamYard Greenroom?
Most live streams involve guests for better engagement and to deliver additional value to the viewers. So, if you have invited guests to your StreamYard broadcast, using a green room can help in several ways.

1. Prepare Your Guests
One of the main reasons to use StreamYard Greenroom is to prepare your guest(s) before they go on stage. Imagine you bring a guest into a live broadcast and they experience technical difficulties. For example, their camera may not work, or they may not have the right microphone selected, so viewers cannot hear them.

Not only does this frame your guest in a poor light, but it also makes your live stream look unprofessional — especially if you then have to tell your viewers you're experiencing technical issues and to bear with you. Having a green room helps avoid these problems by preparing the guest for the live stream in advance. They also get to test any shareable content like slides, presentations and video playback, etc.


2. Protect Your Live Stream
In addition to going over the technical aspects, you can also use StreamYard Greenroom to verify every guest for your show, confirm their display name, update their avatar, and more.

By using a green room, you add an extra layer of protection and security. This is particularly useful in case your backstage link was shared with others or on social media.

3. Communicate Better
StreamYard Greenroom gives you a fantastic way to communicate better with your guests and answer any questions they have. You can also privately chat in StreamYard Greenroom. If a guest is not comfortable asking technical questions in front of their peers, the host can also make a private video call to just them.

4. Boost The Confidence Of Your Guests
Guests often play an active role in a live stream show. But if they aren't sure about how they look or sound or if they face a tech issue while appearing live, their confidence can dwindle. To make sure they participate well in your live stream, use StreamYard Greenroom. This will add to their confidence as they can adjust their camera, microphone and speaker settings, and chat with the host and other guests.

5. Save Time And Effort
You no longer need to set up two StreamYard studios and then work with your guests in one broadcast and send them to a second studio. Instead, they could join the green room without needing a tech-prep studio, live studio, etc. This eliminates any confusion with guests. You can simply move them from StreamYard Greenroom to the live studio and save time and effort.

In addition, with StreamYard Greenroom, you can expand the backstage capacity by up to 25 people. This eliminates the need to queue up people and move them in and out of a Studio.

6. Hassle-Free Live Stream Production
With StreamYard Greenroom, you can simplify pre-event preparation with a single link.

If you're a live stream producer, StreamYard Greenroom will make preparing your shows even easier.

You may have already assembled your team of producers to assist you with running a smooth production and assigned them a role using StreamYard Teams. Using StreamYard Greenroom you can bring your guests up to speed and make live stream production a walk in the park.


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