We were tasked by Southern Comfort to drive sales for their 2022 Mardi Gras party.

From ideation to planning, photoshoots to post-production, we created the ‘In The Krewe’ social campaign that ran on their social channels throughout January and February.

Working with Southern Comfort we delivered dynamic TikTok-style reels, stunning and vibrant model content and playful cocktail photography.

Our aim was not only to engage and grow a new community of party-goers, but to build excitement and drive ticket sales for their Mardi Gras event, hosted at Leake Street Arches.

Mardi Gras is a key calendar event for Southern Comfort and a time they can really take a leading role in the party scene, due to their link to the origin of Mardi Gras - New Orleans.

We reinvigorated the classic brand to a new youth audience on social media through embodiment of the infamous Spirit of New Orleans and the brand’s heritage.

The campaign was a huge success, landing the client 64 pieces of PR, a sold out Mardi Gras event and a huge 5.5 million impressions on social.

We saw huge success with a new educational strand, pivotal to this campaign with our UK audience where Mardi Gras is not widely known and celebrated.


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