Learning how to cook is a popular leisure time activity in Hungary. But the competition is fierce; many cooking schools are offering their courses to people, especially in online channels.

Gastropolis Cooking School wanted to improve its online presence, attracting more people to its cooking courses. But we had to distinguish Gastropolis from its competitors, making it unique, and showing that it offers a truly amazing, unparalleled cooking experience.

Cooking is a complex sensory-spiritual experience – it puts everyone into a different state of mind. So we’ve created a website that no one has experienced before. One that puts everyone into that different state of mind.

Get Mesmerized! is the first visual experience of a website, taking the viewer on an infinitive culinary loop journey inside the mind-blowing dimensions of five different cuisines.

The endless loop required 53 individually drawn vector files. It took more than 600 hours to create.

Once the site loads in, the viewer moves the cursor, and the culinary journey begins. Every element of this endless loop was created to provide a mesmerizing effect for the viewer, showing the traditional dishes of 5 different cuisines (Hungarian, Japanese, Italian, French and Indian).

The psychedelic music was created by DJ Titusz, one of the most popular DJ’s in Hungary; the sounds were recorded at the cooking school and only the sounds generated by the actual kitchen equipment were sampled.

Creating this unique, unparalleled mesmerizing experience we had to design the whole feel and look of this culinary journey; creating a coherent visual style that connects all 5 individual cooking scenes.

Fifty-three individually drawn vector illustrations (connected together seamlessly and pixel perfect) contribute to this artistic website. The details and visual richness of design enhances the hypnotic effect, giving this site a mesmerizing experience that no one has seen before.

The careful art direction is reflected in the whole dramaturgy of the loop; visually powerful, fully detailed culinary moments vary with less “chaotic” moments, giving the eyes of the viewer some time to relax – just to grab her attention the next second, and offering another visual orgy of cooking ingredients.

Date created: January 2018 2018-01-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 1 February 2019 2019-02-01T14:57:31+0000


Art Director’s Club - Bronze
cristal festival
D&AD - Wood Pencil
EPICA Award - Gold
Immortal Awards
LIA Award - Bronze
Lisbon International Advertising Festival
Mobius Awards - Best of Show Nominee
Mobius Awards - Gold


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