Rebranding the platform for group collections.

Collection Pot was born of a strong idea - replace the headache of secret collection envelopes for office collections with something more digital, streamlined, and joyous.

We were tasked with developing the brand strategy, positioning, and new identity for Collection Pot.

The new positioning and identity puts Collection Pot at the forefront of the market for group collections - from Office Leavers, to Honeymoons, to Sports clubs and anything in between.


We were selected to help Collection Pot capture a wider audience across all of their use cases. The refocussed strategy of ‘With every collection a connection. Behind every Pot a Person’ speaks to the human-led approach to group collections - rather than a purely financial transaction.


We wanted to build distinctiveness and memorability into the brand so that once people engaged with the platform, they’d remember it for future uses.

Job leavers, birthdays, new babies, honeymoons, weddings. You name it, they've got a Pot for it. To reflect the variety of these unique occasions we've used the collection pot logo as a starting point and created several variations of it. These different-shaped pots can then be used as distinctive and simple brand assets in their own right.

The emotive photography, bold colours, typeface, different shaped pots and pot fillers together provide an opportunity to bring to life the playful and celebratory nature of the brand and the people behind every pot, consistently across all platforms, in a memorable way.

Collection Pot celebrates people and their personal stories, experiences and milestones.

In order to launch the new brand we built a campaign to raise awareness about the multitude of use cases and to encourage users to ‘create a pot’


The relaunch has driven strong commercial uplift for the brand in the short 6 months since launch. Watch this space!


“We knew we wanted to collaborate with a branding partner capable of cutting out the noise and making us stand tall in a crowded market. White Bear fulfilled this through astute strategic positioning and by crafting a unique brand identity that ensures our memorability and brand coherence across all fronts”

Rowan Ling
Chief Product Officer


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