“Why can’t we drink the coffee we love and receive all the health benefits we need?” This was the key thought that led to the creation of Bevas, a functional coffee brand blending the finest quality Arabica coffee and infusing it with a balanced selection of essential vitamins, minerals and botanicals.

Consumers love their coffee, and never miss their scheduled ritual. However, whilst they know they need their vitamins, they often neglect to take their supplements regularly. From this insight, Bevas knew that combining the two was a winning proposition.

This combination of quality and health, coupled with their strong commitment to sustainability, and the founders passion to protect wildlife habitats, formed the key pillars for our brief to create a new identity and packaging range for Bevas.

Taking inspiration from the varied benefits of each coffee blend (Focus, Energy, Immunity, Anti-Ageing and Pre-biotic), our core creative concept heroes the animals most renowned for these traits. Bevas elevates you to being the best possible version of yourself. For example, our elephant is the hero for our Focus blend, bringing to life the adage that an elephant never forgets.

The brand world takes a premium positioning targeting busy, high achievers. The taste cues message that no compromise has been made on taste due to vitamin enrichment, and our illustration style and logomark nod to the elevation achieved from consuming the product.

The rich colour palette underpins the overall premium feel of the brand and our photography style nods to the provenance of the ingredients and the brands commitment to sustainability.

Bevas has launched in Germany with strong sales traction to date. They launch in the UK in 2024. Keep your eyes peeled.

“White Bear delivered a beautifully distinctive brand that totally resonated with our brief and in turn exceeded our expectations. Their creative team really listened and understood our product and market positioning, they were very professional in their delivery and a pleasure to deal with throughout the process. They balanced a look and feel that tapped into a lifestyle aspiration and a functional boost without comprise to the flavour of our products. Like an elephant never forgets, the BEVAS brand is unforgettable.”
Paul Rothschild
Bevas CEO


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Bevas - A new breed of coffee