Spend Big on Big Ideas.

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There's a wonderful post out today by Frédéric Raillard in praise of the big idea. I couldn't agree more with it - every single word.

But I fret. I fret that when we have a wonderful idea, in the disposable, instant gratification is-it-driving-engagement-how-many-clicks-did-it-get world we now live, we don't give the big ideas the space, the time, the opportunity to luxuriate in them that they need.

And the reason I worry about it is that Fiat ad we all raved about in the summer.

You know the one. The one where the Global CEO says Fiat are going to stop making grey cars because they don't fit the company ethos (which is also as a good an example of Brand Purpose as you can imagine. It's not all about doing good you know. But that's a story for another day).

I love it. It's a brilliant ad. And for what its worth - I have 2 cars on my shortlist for my next purchase and one of them's a Fiat - having never had it on the list before.

So what's my problem?

I've seen this ad three times. The first time on Linked In. The second on Campaign Magazine UK. And the third time on You Tube. And I bet that's where you've seen it too. Or been sent it by an Adland friend.

I've never seen it on the TV. And I remember thinking the first time I saw it how amazing it was going to look in the cinema. Where I go a lot. Guess what. Never appeared

I ask my friends in Adland if they've seen it - and they gush. I ask my friends in non Adland - and they ask me what I'm talking about.

I'm sure someone - probably a media planner in a big agency - will shortly be posting to me that they spend a gazillion pounds on above the line media with 25 OTS and yadayadayada.

But I think it's invisible outside Adland. And it's such a shame.

Let's keep making the big ideas. But let's make sure the world seems them too.

Here's Fred's article https://bit.ly/3Sc6sWp

And here's the Fiat ad. https://lnkd.in/ee9kV5RX