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An initiative we thought we'd share and see what people thought.

Here at Whistlejacket we take a great interest in what shapes culture, society, the arts - what's new, what's setting the agenda, what's getting people excited? It's one of the reasons we chose Whistlejacket as a name - a single painting that changed the direction of portraiture for hundreds of years*.

So all permanent members of staff at Whistlejacket are invited to choose an annual membership to what we loosely describe as a culturally significant and interesting organisation, which we pay for. There are only two rules in terms of what folk select to belong to:

1. Everyone has to join something different. We want to spread the love.

2. Once a year, you have to do something with that membership to benefit the agency experience. Maybe it's tell the wider team about an interesting exhibition you've been to, take a colleague, client or influencer to an event you think they'd enjoy (we pay for that too), or write a Linked In piece about why you wanted to support that particular organisation. But something that grows our knowledge about what's going on, and gets you buzzing.

Current memberships include The Design Museum (naturally), The Royal Academy (bit of a scrap over that one) and The BFI, while just going on the list shortly is The Royal Geographical Society. No prizes for guessing which member of the team picked that one. And we're nothing if not eclectic.

And we're open to suggestions and views. Let us know!


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