How impressive are your bids? Our skilled creatives love thinking outside of the box with fresh ideas for your winning tenders like this stunning CAD cut soft cover document.


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Cad cut soft cover bid document


This opportunity was huge to the company we were supporting. One they had been tracking and developing relationships on for months. We went to WeDidIt Creative with our design brief. Their knowledge and understanding of the project, audience, and what was appropriate meant they could give their advice to make the brief even better. Because they are used to working with print companies, they could also advise on what would and wouldn't work. The end result was a combination of professional and fun. They laid out dense information in an easy to read and memorable way. Our client won the bid. This is why we have worked with them for over a decade and will continue to do so. They are the best.

* Alison Zalecki
Managing Director at Mozer
08 Feb 2023