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William Grant and Sons challenged us to redesign the brand identity and packaging for Drambuie. The existing bottle (which underwent a radical redesign in 2009) had failed to attract a new generation of users, and with an overly modernised design, long-term consumers were losing touch with the brand. We embraced the opportunity to bring the brand 'back to it's former glory'. Using global ethnographic study insights we identified a widespread - if largely dormant - love for the liqueur itself, but no real admiration for the brand.

Drambuie is a seductive spirit with a rebellious soul; the qualities apparent in both the history of the brand and its' distinctive taste cannot be rivalled. We sought to translate this into the new design.

We created a brand identity and packaging to resurrect Drambuie's rich 270-year-old heritage, whilst also enabling the brand to reclaim its place in modern cocktail culture, at the front and centre of the sophisticated drinking experience. This was a case of bringing the heritage back in order to move the brand forwards.

A crimson and brass colour palette hints at the smoky jazz bars of sixties New York, where the Rusty Nail revelled in its' heyday. Meanwhile intricate Jacobite illustrations and the iconic cockade design, as worn by Bonnie Prince Charlie, hark back to the brand's legendary Scottish provenance. This unique and bold combination gives the bottle equal standout whether on shelf or behind the bar.

Following project completion Drambuie's Global Brand Manager Cat Spencer commented: "We are delighted that Webb deVlam have managed to resurrect our heritage in a classic, yet modernised bottle and brand design." The new packaging launched in Autumn 2016.

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