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Since launching our Applied Empathy series last year, we’ve been greeted with one question more than any other: Are the cards you use to guide the evening for sale? We’re pleased to announce that after a bit of iterating, the card deck, aptly titled Questions & Empathy, is now available at QuestionsandEmpathy(dot)com.

With an all-new visual identity created by Sub Rosa’s team of designers, and a strategically curated set of 49 provocations, Questions & Empathy is a one-of-a-kind addition to your creative arsenal.

“It’s an exciting moment for all of us. We’ve been refining our approach to empathy and the role it plays in meaningful design for the past several years,” said Sub Rosa’s Founder and CEO Michael Ventura. “The cards have been a great tool for us to go deeper with ourselves and our clients. After months of requests from people who’ve wanted us to sell the cards, we’re finally ready to share them with the world.”

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Date published: 12 June 2017 2017-06-12T19:39:45+0100

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