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Amplify + Jack Daniel’s bring the real taste of Tennessee to the UK…

Amplify was challenged to make Jack Daniel’s feel modern and relevant to a younger audience, through building on-trade relationships and ultimately driving sales.

Tennessee, home to Jack Daniel’s is famous for its southern hospitality and bringing people together though the love of great whisky, BBQ food and live music. These are the experiences that live on, anywhere in the world, when drinking Jack Daniel’s.

Using the three multi-sensory pillars of food, drink and music, Amplify set out to reinforce southern hospitality in a modern context and bring the warmth of Tennessee to a whole new audience.

The Meeting Place
Amplify created a bespoke experience, encouraging Jack Daniel’s consumers and on-trade partners to discover their true taste of Tennessee at exclusive event, The Meeting Place.

After winning tickets, over 200 lucky guests were invited to take a tantalizing journey into the heart of Lynchburg, starting with the sweet smell of smoldering meats as you entered the experience, to a blend of truly southern sights, sounds and tastes.

On arrival, the prestigious Zelman Meats, Flying Cows and Buffalo Truck served up Tennessee inspired dishes including dirty steak with beef fat mash and buttermilk fried chicken with Jack Daniel’s Honey butter glaze.

To whet people’s palates even further, resident bartenders from The Red Dog Saloon Bar and the London Cocktail Club stirred together smooth whiskey cocktails, highlighting Jack Daniel’s brands, and the whiskey’s versatility as a drink for all occasions.

To bring the vibrancy of a Tennessee night out to life, we incorporated soft to the touch textures and rich detail to re-create authentic Tennessee bar room posters into a series of prints that dressed the interior walls. Alongside this, a virtual reality tour of the distillery could be experienced, transporting guests deep into the home and heritage of the brand.

And, if that wasn’t enough, Amplify contained Jack Daniel’s long-standing tradition of live music collaboration, with epic rock sets by the Greasy Slicks and headliners, Broken Witt Rebels. One thing’s for sure, we made it a Tennessee night to remember.


Amplify has been a Contributor since 31st January 2017.

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