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Amplify help commuters experience the magic of Abbey Road using their phones...


Amplify were challenged to get Google Cardboard into the hands of the mainstream, showing them how easy it is to experience virtual reality in everyday life.

Many people have never had a VR experience, and see the technology as inaccessible. We knew that one of the easiest ways to change this is to see others enjoying VR experiences, compelling others to want to try it for themselves.


Amplify decided to create a larger-than-life campaign and experience that was centered around the iconic Abbey Road studio and Google’s Inside Abbey Road app, showing those unfamiliar how they can experience VR at their fingertips.


Inside Abbey Road

At the heart of the campaign Google and NME distributed 80k Google Cardboard headsets in 10 cities around the UK, creating ‘mini moments’ in high footfall locations. This was supported by large scale OOH media to amplify the story further.

Meanwhile Amplify created bespoke boxes, seeded to over 200 influencers, to introduce them to the VR world via the Inside Abbey Road app. They included a Google Cardboard headset, headphones and information on the project, and were beautifully designed to encourage social sharing.

This nationwide activity was halo’ed by creating a centrepiece taking over part of King’s Cross Station for three days. Amplify collaborated with Made Workshop to built a replica of Abbey Road’s world-famous Studio 2, where guests were given the chance to demo the app inside a giant Google Cardboard structure. This allowed commuters to feel as if they had entered the legendary studio, both physically and virtually.

Finally, we invited fans to take part and easily share an iconic moment at the end of the experience, by having their picture captured on the steps of Abbey Road Studios or on the crossing made famous by The Beatles.

All guests were even given an exclusive NME magazine and Google Cardboard headset so they could take the experience home to share with friends and family.


80k Google Cardboards and special edition copies of NME distributed across 10 cities, supported by large-scale focused OOH media.

200 key influencers were gifted with exclusive Inside Abbey Road x Google Cardboard boxes.

450k people saw our larger-than-life Google Cardboard headset, slap-bang inside one of the UK’s busiest stations

2,000 people got hands-on with a 15-minute physical and virtual Abbey Road experience in the station, with 867 social shares from our newfound VR experts.

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Date published: 14 February 2017 2017-02-14T14:24:37+0000


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