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Amplify and Airbnb reimagine what it means to be a tourist by bringing to life the secrets of Berlin


Amplify were challenged to help Airbnb bring to life its global #LiveThere campaign in Berlin in a way that would strengthen its relationship with the local community.


Many Berliners are either unaware or wary of Airbnb, and can be skeptical of traditional marketing methods. To truly connect with this audience the message needs to come from those they most trust.


Our approach was to give the most influential Berliners a platform to deliver the #LiveThere message in their own authentic way.


#LiveThere Haus

Amplify created the Berlin #LiveThere Haus, a physical space that celebrated the real spirit of the city. By Berliners, for Berliners, it was created in collaboration with ten local influencers who were already fans of Airbnb.

The entrance to the Haus was a sculptural, claustrophobic cardboard cityscape created by local art duo 44flavours. This unique creation highlighted the mundane nature of mass tourism when contrasted with local, more authentic experiences.

This was the perfect juxtaposition to our contemporary, homely space where unique, custom pieces of furniture both told, and could be used interactively, to capture stories of Berlin.

The haus was handed over to an array of our local influencers who gave live performances and hosted events – ranging from yoga to literature and kids workshops to sausage making.


Over 1,400 intrepid explorers experienced the Haus and exhibition, with 570 of them staying to enjoy one of the 20 workshops and talks that were on offer.

The attendees and local experts helped created over 80 pieces of authentic, original content about the haus, leading to 7.7m influencer post impressions and 8m Airbnb post impressions.

As well as that, #LiveThere Haus picked up 134 pieces of press and kept the momentum alive through 122k video views, meaning even if you couldn’t make it, you could still make yourself at home at the haus.

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