Young Blood 2 | The Series

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Young Blood 2: The Series

Young Blood is Amplify’s ongoing and ever-growing platform – exploring and celebrating modern British youth culture. As an agency, it’s vital we’re at the forefront of the inspirational but ever-changing attitudes of youth for today, and for tomorrow.

The original Young Blood research debuted in 2016 in a white paper, book, seven-part film series and talks. This insight ensured our work was strategically and creatively stronger. More importantly it gave a platform to this creative, thoughtful and pragmatic but often misunderstood audience.

But the world moves quickly on… In 2018, we return with a further deep dive into the hopes, fears and realities of 2,023 18-30 year olds, spanning genders, regions, ethnicities and socio-economic groups. We know it’s vital for brands to look outside the M25, not just focus on London’s perceived influencers.

For Young Blood 2 we asked tough questions. In return we got some frank and equally hard-to-hear answers. This is a good thing. Here lies the beauty of giving your audience a platform to express themselves and how they feel about the state of the world…

The Research

Our white paper is the in-depth analysis and amalgamation of the qualitative and quantitative elements of the research. We have looked at the prevailing attitudes and beliefs of our audience in the context of world events, trends, the political and financial climate and overlaid this with direct quotes.

We have covered many subjects within this white paper including happiness, career, privacy, brands, culture, spending, technology, toxic masculinity and music, to name but a few. The data can be cut by age group (18-21, 22-25, 26-30), gender, region, city, ethnicity and socio-economic group on request. Check out the full research here.

The Films

We explore what it means to struggle with the ‘formula for life and success’ that has been passed down to this generation from those before. Following three protagonists, we re-evaluate accepted institutions such as higher education, career, marriage, masculinity, gender etc. through their lives and experiences.

We also deep dive into key topics with five shorts designed to give a snapshot of food and drink, booze, retail and spending, technology and music. Watch the film here.

The Workshops

We are also running client workshops and bespoke planning sessions to helps brands understand the implications of this research for them.  

To find out how we can help your brand connect more authentically with this hard to reach audience, contact Tosh Ohta.