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V-Tech are a garage equipment company who sell and install a wide range of garage hardware throughout the UK.
When I arrived at V-Tech it was clear that a new marketing strategy needed to be implemented to drive their brand. Although their traditional database mail out marketing was just about up to speed there was no real social media interaction and the wider digital agenda needed serious attention.
I started from the brand up, redesigning the company logo and brand assets to roll out across print and online. Everything from weekly news letters, print adverts, you tube banners and websites for each of the company divisions. This included setting up several brand new divisions and standalone product launches.
Once the back structure was in place I concentrated on content creation to drive both short term and long term strategies. I travelled to site with the engineers and documented installations as they happened with photography and video. These I would edit together with focus either on the wider installation of MOT bays or on specific pieces of equipment. I would also liaise with the clients ensure the garage was also a key part of each video providing them with marketing material for their own business. This built on the garage community angle and generated further links to our websites and video content. Good, healthy, organic SEO.
The videos were also well received by trade publications, fitting in perfectly with the online side of their reportage and creating interest in our marketing that led to free copy placement in relevant articles. Yes, I have been published in Transport Operator, Commercial Workshop and Garage and MOT Professional magazines!

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