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Katii (IG : Katii.Katie)
She’s a virtual character created to excite the market of influencers and expand it beyond the realm of regular celebrities. This is because she’s a forever 22 year young influencer, unable to get sick or old and is capable of appearing in multiple locations at the same time. She can give an innovative image to brands without gossip from her personal life, no drama, and most importantly no complaint if she’s asked for 100 poses by the clients.

Katii was born to inspire people to go beyond the capabilities of humans while expressing modern Thainess with authentic lifestyle. She has a unique look with a heart shaped mole on her cheek combined with a quirky sense of humor from her virtual personality, she’s able to colorfully entertain her followers. Although she has been born for less than a year, she has more than 83,000 followers. She has been on the covers of leading fashion magazines such as Harper’s BAZAAR, L’OFFICIAL, Kazz, and many more. She has been praised by Vogue Thailand to be the future of the fashion industry.

At the same time, she has been picked by various brands to represent their products such as a global brand like Calvin Klein and local brands such as Tourism Authority of Thailand in a campaign to invite tourists to visit Thailand.



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Virtual Influencer "KATIE"