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SangSom Encourages Thais not be divided except by their “Bucket for 1”

The humorous film encourages Thais not to share their drinking bucket but still open up to each other at the party due to Covid-19 situation.

Background :
In Thai culture, people love to share drinks from the same bucket to show how close they are as friends. SangSom Thai rum brand wants to create a new drinking experience that is ‘safe’ for the party animals during Covid-19. Thus, we design the ‘Bucket For 1’, a new drinking bucket that prevents the sharing drink behavior which always ends up in the bucket all mixing and drinking from others’ bucket by mistake. The Bucket For 1 is able to separate drinking from their own bucket with special ‘Name Lock’ design for the bucket owner to mark their initial from A-Z, stopping others from drinking from the wrong bucket.

As the Covid-19 protocol stresses out everyone already, we would like to lighten things up by launching a film that not only saves Thai people, but also entertains them.

Thai people always have their ‘Local Name’ , the real name their parents or even a monk has named for them for good luck since birth. Those names are usually out-to-date, cheesy and funny. Some of the names are mocking their appearance (like Baldy or Chubby), that’s why they keep their local name as secret and making them make up their new ‘Modern Name’ for themselves, the name they are proud to introduce without feeling ashamed of their local background.

The film promotes ‘SangSom Bucket For 1’ through the humorous story about the name on the bucket VS. the real name the partygoers are ashamed to use, which demonstrates the function of the new design ‘Bucket For 1’ along the way.

At the new normal party during Covid-19, a group of friends are using ‘Bucket for 1’ separately. While they are turning the lid to lock their initial, they find out that 3 of them have the same initial ‘A’ on the lid. In the end, they have to learn to open up and reveal their real ‘Local Name’ to lock their bucket, save everyone but get to know each other more. When the world wants to seperate us, the separating ‘Bucket For 1’ brings us closer, not literally.

- 18 M Views
- 12 M Engagement
- 3 M USD Earned Media
- 10,000+ SOLD OUT Extra Pre-Order Increases Production
- ‘Bucket For 1’ becomes Iconic Covid-19 Party Item
- 24% Increased Brand Visibility Consumers even use with our competitors drinks
- 200,000 Views from Social Media Parody Clips (Tiktok / Youtube / Facebook)
- 200% Increased Resale Price
- Top Search in E-Commerce


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