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In 2018, Stayfree embraced the cause of naturalizing menstruation by breaking taboos. Taboos that also influence millions of girl’s lives. 54% of girls on earth don’t know what’s going on when they menstruate for the first time. In Brazil, some of them even think it’s a disease or some kind of curse. In India and in some African countries, girls feel so uncomfortable with their menstruation that they don’t go to school during the menstrual period, losing almost a week of class per month. In other words: the simple fact of menstruating makes girls grow up in adverse conditions when related to any boy.
Educating the new generation about menstruation is essential to women’s future. That’s why Stayfree created a tool that brings the physical and digital world’s together to encourage the dialogue between parents and daughters: Stayfree My First Pad. The set is made up of mini pads, mini panties and an educational mobile game. Everything for the girls to play with a doll they already have. The mini pads are replicas of real pads and come with a tape that sticks them to the mini parties. Adding a bit of water, the mini pads turn red just like the real thing.
In the game, parents and girls follow the doll’s menstrual cycle, receive information about menstruation and playing tips according to the menstrual cycle’s moment. Thereby, parents can educate their daughters about this subject in a fun and consistent way.

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