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Barker shoes are one of a handful of privately owned, British handmade shoe makers.


The old website was old fashioned, clunky, non-responsive with the online shop hidden away in multiple layered navigation. Product display was poor and unorganised. The site didn’t reflect the quality of the product or the brand.


The aim of the new website design and build project was to update the brand, improve the look and feel, build on the user experience and ultimately grow direct online sales.
Barker like the best brands don’t try too hard, they don’t hard sell and don’t shout. Research ensured we understood their audience, putting ourselves literally in the customer’s shoes. We discovered a key converter to purchase was core to what it is they liked most about the product - the quality. Therefore the site had to ooze quality, display the product well and use the key benefit of the product - handmade.

The site is build using responsible design. It was tested extensively across multiple devices and platforms and built with SEO in mind.

The website is designed to channel visitors to the right product or service. Dead ends were removed by adding prominent ‘continue shopping’ buttons, call to actions, and other related product offers to ensure and maximise conversion rates. All products have cross-selling opportunities that include: 'You may also like' and 'Complete the look'. Landing pages were designed for immediate visual impact and understanding and the number of clicks minimised from the home page to the checkout.


• 20% increase in revenue since launch
• 12,500 + newsletter sign ups since launch generating a 45% average open rate on e-marketing and a 14% average click through rate.




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