Vinyl Impression East Grinstead


KnowledgeMill is a software company that provides email management and filing solutions to companies of all sizes.

The team at KnowledgeMill messaged us at Vinyl Impression, as they wanted to get a range of graphics to update the design of their office in Southwark, London. They wanted the design to include some retro elements and they decided that they would focus on a retro game for use within their meeting rooms.

In addition to this we produced an installed an extra large world map in basalt grey on the wall within the sales area. This map was specifically selected to reflect the international reach of the organisation and was produced using a vinyl that is compatible with liquid chalk pens.

The last product we produced was a large logo that was applied onto a wall on the first floor in such a way that would make it visible from the ground level, increasing their brand prescience in the area.

This set of graphics positively contributed to a fresh look and feel within their office space, showcasing much more of their corporate personality and character.

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Date published: 24 August 2015 2015-08-24T17:05:39+0100


Office Branding: KnowledgeMill